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Welcome to new IBmaths4u.com,

IBmaths4u.com was the first forum for IB math since 2012. The renewed form is no longer a forum but has many more pros. The majority of the content which is hosted in this updated version consists the students’ questions from the forum and the corresponding answers after reviewed by our math team. This material will be gradually uploaded over the next period.

Apart from this useful material, IBmaths4u.com  in cooperation with mathematics4u.com  develops high-quality free mobile education apps for IB Mathematics and A-Level Maths to help students revise and understand the main math topics of their syllabuses. Our apps include a lot of video lessons, many calculators, solvers, theory and they are 100% free.

The IB Math app is mainly intended for IB Mathematics Higher Level, Standard Level, Math Studies and other math educational programs of the same level as well.

The app and this website include some well-chosen video lessons by Mr. James Sousa. The website mathispower4u.com provides over 5,000 free mini-lessons and example videos with no ads. All of the videos are closed-captioned and ADA compliant.

Youtube Channel of Mr. James Sousa